Friday, April 10

Jesus IS the Resurrection

Have you ever known someone to rise from the dead? We’ve all heard stories of deathbed experiences … you know the “white light” stories?

I was at the bedside of my dad as he died of cancer. That was a terrible thing. But also a wonderful thing. In the final seconds of his life, this former agnostic, now Christian, used his final strenth to raise himself up in his bed. He looked at the door as if ready to leave. Barely above a whisper he said, "I am going home ..." He raised his arms toward heaven, said again, I am going ho ....." and fell back into his bed. He was gone.

If I was the resurrection I would have brought him back to life right then. I would have healed him. I am not the resurrection and the life. For that one day I wish I was. I do not possess the power to give life to anyone. But I know the One who does!

Lazarus apparently was a nice guy that died before his time. He was dead and people wanted him back! Oh to live such a life that people will miss you when you are gone and the pastor doesn’t have to lie at your funeral! :)

Lazarus was dead 4 days before he was raised again. It is an amazing story and a miracle. But what is even more amazing is what Jesus said to Martha before he raised Lazarus.

Read: John 11:17-27
17 So when Jesus came, he found that he had been in the tomb four days already. 18 Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about fifteen stadia away. 19 Many of the Jews had joined the women around Martha and Mary, to console them concerning their brother. 20 Then when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went and met him, but Mary stayed in the house. 21 Therefore Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you would have been here, my brother wouldn’t have died. 22 Even now I know that, whatever you ask of God, God will give you.” 23 Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.”
24 Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.”
25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will still live, even if he dies. 26 Whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?
27 She said to him, “Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Christ, God’s Son, who comes into the world.”

Jesus is the Resurrection. He isn’t simply able to raise the dead. He isn’t simply going to be resurrected. He is the Resurrection. He owns the resurrection. He is the very cause of new life from the dead. He is the cause and we are the effect.

JESUS is the resurrection
He IS the resurrection
He is THE resurrection

JESUS: The Christ, God’s Son (v.27). Not some random guy but the great I AM.

IS: Jesus owns this (“to be” verb). The resurrection and Jesus are inseparable. Just like a math equation: Jesus = the resurrection & the resurrection = Jesus. The resurrection is not an event as Martha alluded to but a Person (v.24).

THE: Not just “a” resurrection but “the” resurrection of the dead. This is the hope the Old Testament folks looked forward to. This is the hope for dead people.

RESURRECTION: He sustains his own even in death. The promise of the resurrection is that believers in Jesus will never die eternally (v.26). If we believe in Jesus we will never die … even if we die physically. Jesus did not have to raise Lazarus. He already had him covered. He raised him to prove he was the Resurrection. He has my dad as well.

Take time to worship your risen Resurrection today. He is alive and life itself.

Do you know Jesus today? Have you ever believed in him and found the life He gives? It is not just a resurrection after we die, it is a resurrection every single day. Someone once said, "If you are born once you die twice but if you are born twice you only die once." Have you been born 2x? If you are reading this then you have been born once through your mom. If you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you have been born twice! For more information on how to know Jesus read the link on the home page "Begin a relationship with Jesus".

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