Friday, November 1

People need a place where they belong and a people to belong to.  It is in our DNA.  We are made to be connected to others in meaningful ways.

From the community God dwells in the Trinity ... to the garden where God declared it was not good for Adam to be alone ... to Jesus on the cross making sure his mother was "placed" in the care of John ... to the church in Acts creating communities ... to our churches and small groups today ... God is about people being connected with each other.

Are you connected in meaningful ways with others?  Do you know the path to get there?

Read: Psalm 126

A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem.

1 When the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem,
    it was like a dream!
2 We were filled with laughter,
and we sang for joy.
And the other nations said,
“What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”
3 Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us!
What joy!

4 Restore our fortunes, Lord,
as streams renew the desert.
5 Those who plant in tears
will harvest with shouts of joy.
6 They weep as they go to plant their seed,
but they sing as they return with the harvest.

I like this Psalm because it captures the emotions behind community!
Psalm 126 represents songs the Israelites would sing on the path to worship.  It reflects the struggles and victories the people experienced when they were exiled from their home and their God.
In this song, there are two parts:
1. The Proclamation of those that returned to their place and their people (v.1-3)
2. A Prayer for those that were not able to return (v.4-6)
The experience of returning to God and into relationship with others came with laughter and joy.  It was so nice they felt like they were dreaming. 
Are you in exile?  Are you living without the benefit of knowing that you belong somewhere and with others that love you?
When we experience this belonging it brings laughter and joy.  It is like a dream!
There is a community that God's designed for you ... it is called a local church.  It may be big or small.  It may meet in a large building or in a high school gym.  It may sing rock music or hymns.  Regardless of the differences, there is a place and a people that are right for you.
Get connected to a church that fits and grow.  It will be like a dream! 

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