Friday, July 17

Revelation: In the Rear View Mirror

I always liked the scene from Jurassic Park of the T-Rex chasing the jeep through the jungle. Malcolm, one of the scientists looks in the rear view mirror to see the large image of the T-Rex. This monster fills up the mirror image. Of course the mirror says, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." A little comedic relief for a scary scene!

We want to slow down and look at Revelation in the rear view mirror. We do not want to move on without capturing some big picture truths.

Revelation is a book of mystery and wonder. It paints a picture of realities in heaven and a rapidly failing earth. It captures an image of God at the end of patience. This is the final chapter. This is the end. This is the final rejection of God and his Christ.

Let's look in the mirror and reflect some.

Have a great week. We will be writing from a family reunion in Norman, Oklahoma next week.



Selected Below

Many strong themes emerge in a rear view look at our time in Revelation. Consider:

1. Jesus is the dominant figure (Rev. 1). The artist renderings of a weak Jesus with a halo are replaced by a King on a horse with brilliant white hair, fire in his eyes and a sword coming out of his mouth. He is focused. He is closing up the final chapter. He is King of all kings and Lord of all lords. Jesus, King of Kings

2. The bride is in peril. Clearly the Church is in need of encouragement and rebuke. She is soft, indulgent and overly tolerant. She is called on to remember the height from which she has fallen, repent and redo the things she did at first. Church,

3. Life is more spiritual than physical. The Holy Spirit is talking to the church. Creatures with eyes all over are worshiping God. Angels are doling out justice. Satan is actively attacking the church. Worship in heaven, angels,

4. God wins. It won't matter what congress thinks or how the supreme court votes. It won't matter eloquence of politicians. It won't matter that the scientific establishment found no room for God in culture. It won't matter if other religions make millions of converts. It won't matter if the church is successful or not. The simple point of it all is that God wins. His word will prevail. What he said would happen ... happens. God wins.

1. Is Jesus Lord of your life? Are you surrendered to him today? What is the picture of Jesus you hold in your head?

2. Are you walking with the crowd at church or are you choosing the more difficult road? Is there anything in your life that you would be ashamed of were Jesus to return right now? Are you willing to repent for the glory of God?

3. Our Darwin influenced age makes us think in terms of life in the physical realm. Our rear view of Revelation reminds us that this world is very spiritual. Revelation pulls back the curtain of life and challenges us to change our paradigm.

4. Are you discouraged by the culture? Do you get tired of the constant assault on the character of God in our movies and books? Keep looking up. Look beyond your circumstances. Share Christ with your friends and family. Don't just share cell phone minutes with them! Make sure they are saved.

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