Monday, March 30

Psalm 119: Blessing and Disappointment

How do you feel when you obey God's word? Are there any feelings associated with obedience?

How do you feel when you do not obey God's word?

There are seasons in my life where I wanted life on my terms. Those times are marked as some of the darkest and disappointing days of my life.

On any given day I am invited to pick up God's word and read it. I am encouraged to meditate on it. I am called to obey it. What waits for me that day is temptation and risk but also blessing and a sense of complete fullness.

What is waiting for you today? We do not know. One thing I do know, you are starting it right by desiring to be in God's word. Will you choose happiness? It's waiting for you today!

Read: Psalm 119:1-8
1Blessed are those whose ways are blameless,
who walk according to Yahweh’s law.
2Blessed are those who keep his statutes,
who seek him with their whole heart.
3Yes, they do nothing wrong.
They walk in his ways.
4You have commanded your precepts,
that we should fully obey them.
5Oh that my ways were steadfast
to obey your statutes!
6Then I wouldn’t be disappointed,
when I consider all of your commandments.
7I will give thanks to you with uprightness of heart,
when I learn your righteous judgments.
8I will observe your statutes.
Don’t utterly forsake me.

David sings the praise of those who keep/obey God’s word. He says that they are BLESSED. That means they are happy people (v.1-2). Think through the times in your life where you chose correctly. Aren’t those the happy times?

David also says those who obey God’s word are also BLAMELESS. This Hebrew words means, “perfect, whole, sound and free from blemish”. The language suggests words that are used by God for acceptable sacrifices in the Temple. The animals that were offered to cover one’s sins were required to be blameless. Regardless, there is a component of useful to the Master and a sense of wholeness or soundness for the one that obeys God’s word. Think through the times in your life where you chose correctly. Aren’t those the “sound” times?

Please note that David does not identify himself as one of these Blessed and Blameless at this time of the writing (v. 5-6). He here identifies disappointment in himself for his lack of obedience (v.6). Think through the times in your life where you chose poorly. Aren’t those the disappointing times?

David closes this portion of Psalm 119 with a commitment to learn and obey the word of God (v. 7-8) so we too can feel blessed and be sound before the Lord.

How is your obedience factor today? Are you experiencing blessing and soundness today?

What has God called you to do that you are not doing? Are you experiencing disappointment for that?

Life really is not very complicated. God made us and He knows what is best for us. He gave us His word to guide our lives. We do the same with our kids. Will you choose today to do what God has put in your heart? You will experience happiness and soundness in your life today? It really might be more up to you than you think!

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