Friday, January 7

Jesus' Prayer - Daily Needs

Are you going through a difficult time right now? Talk to God about it!

Are you concerned how you are going to pay the bills this month? Talk to God about it!

Do you have a friend in need? Talk to God about it!

Do you know someone with cancer? Talk to God about it!

Do you know someone who does not know Christ? Talk to God about it!

God is not only available, He is interested. He desires to meet our needs on a daily basis. This is cool for two reasons:
1. It shows He cares about our needs
2. It shows that He is active in our lives every single day!

Let’s think through what we have said so far about prayer. I am not sure it is as clear as what I have written below … sorry about that!

When I come to God in prayer I want to pray the way Jesus taught His disciples to pray. I want to come boldly but carefully. So, pray:
1. Our Father – take time to worship God for being a Father. Take time to acknowledge that He is in heaven and above you and your circumstances. Take time to recognize that He is worthy of your praise. Let’s enter his courts with praise!
2. Holy – take time to reflect to Him how awesome and holy He is. Think through His character and His names. This is a worship time for sure.
3. Kingdom – pray for His will to be done in your life, pray for the lost and pray for Jesus to return soon.
4. Pray for your needs and the needs to others (this is today's focus!).

Read: Matthew 6:5-14


Today: the focus of this verse is our needs for TODAY. The words make clear that God wants us to talk with Him about what
concerns us each day. Truly there is a key to handling worry here. If I bring to God my daily needs and concerns I invite His help and find His peace (Phil. 4:3-6).

Daily: God is aware of our needs on a daily basis and so He is active in our lives DAILY. If we will pray, if we will take the time to ask Him to meet our needs, we put ourselves in the stream He is moving in. It allows us to see Him work.

Bread: the words tell us that God gives us just what we need - daily bread. The word would indicate this is the bread I need for today and maybe for the following day. There is clearly a reference to how God fed Israel manna in the desert. He supplied what they needed and they did not have to worry.

Pray to your caring Father in heaven. He desires to prove His love and grace on a daily basis.

Bring your laundry list of prayers to God. Bring the needs of others to Him. Pray for your spouse, children, parents, friends, neighbors, the poor, the sick, the President, your pastors, co-workers, enemies, etc.

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