Friday, February 13

Welcome to DevoLink!!!

Welcome to Devolink!  The name has nothing to do with techno bands with red plastic hats.  It is a DEVOtional LINK to God.  It is a place where you can be encouraged to trust God and walk in Him.  It is a place to link with God.

Devolink is written by two men on journey with Jesus and others.  We both have extensive pastoral experience and seminary training.  We are passionate about walking with Jesus and not laying back on our pasts or our training.  We live to hear God speak in the NOW!

Devolink is a place you can hear from God.  We invite you to get in a comfortable place, ask God ti speak to you and read away.

Welcome to DevoLink! God meet with you!

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  1. Thanks for your commitment to this conversation and encouragement. I find it helpful and am sure many others share my sense. It takes time and I'm grateful for your efforts....